Country Corners Veterinary Hospital Kitten Plan

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive kitten package for your new feline friend. This package includes the basic disease screening tests, vaccines and deworming/parasite protection needed for an indoor/outdoor kitten. Our kitten plan covers the following:


Series of three FVRCP vaccinations given every 3-4 weeks. This vaccination protects kittens from panleukopenia, a parvo virus that is deadly in cats as well as the common respiratory viruses.

Series of two leukemia vaccines to protect against one of the two retroviruses that cause AIDS like disease in cats.

Juvenile Rabies vaccination that protects your kitten for one year.


Three drops of blood and a rapid “SNAP” test allow us to screen your new pet for both feline leukemia and feline immunodefiency virus. Patients infected by these viruses do not display symptoms of these diseases until they are in the end stage of the disease so it is important to screen.


We use a broad spectrum dewormer that is effective against both tapes and round worms and this deworming is repeated twice in sequential visits.


Although we deworm your new pet it is not uncommon for young kittens and puppies to carry coccidia and giardia that they can pass along to other dogs and cats. Giardia is also contagious to humans.

The total price for our kitten plan is $285.00. This charge is in consideration of prepayment and reflects a 20% discount from our usual fees. Unused portions of the kitten plan cannot be transferred to another pet or credited/returned.


MICROCHIPS Should you wish to add a Microchip we carry AKC Indigo preregistered microchips that are ISO compliant (are consistent with national and international microchip standards) and the cost to add this service with your kitten plan is $32.50

SPAY/NEUTER  Addition of a spay surgery to your kitten plan can be done at the cost of $67.50. A neuter may be added at the additional cost of $44.55