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We are please to offer a comprehensive puppy package for your new canine friend.  This package includes the basic disease screening tests, vaccines and deworming/parasite protection needed for an indoor/outdoor puppy.  Our puppy plan covers the following:




Series of Distemper/Parvo/Parainfluenza/Hepatitis (DHPP) vaccinations given every 3-4 weeks until at least 16 weeks of age.  This is a CORE care requirement for all dogs.

Leptospirosis vaccination series: This is a series of an initial and booster vaccination about 3-4 weeks apart that protect your puppy from  a common bacterial disease which causes acute kidney and liver failure.  We have had multiple cases of leptospirosis in our area and this disease can be transmitted to humans easily.  It is acquired from rodents/wildlife and is common during our rainy season.  This is CORE care for all dogs in our area.

Juvenile Rabies:   This immunization is given anytime after 12 weeks of age and protects your puppy for one year.

Deworming We use a broad spectrum dewormer that is effective against both tape and round worms and this deworming is repeated twice at sequential visits.

Fecal Analysis: Includes first fecal exam to make sure our deworming protocol is effective and to also help make sure we do not miss Giardia and Coccidia infections that puppies can pass to other dogs and cats.  Giardia can also be transmitted to people

Heartworm and Flea/tick prevention for 3 months: We recommend Simparica Trio for your new friend and your puppy plan includes three doses of this oral once a month medication to protect against fleas, ticks, heartworm, intestinal roundworms and hookworm infections.  This medication has an excellent safety record and is very effective in protecting our patients from fleas, ticks, heartworm, roundworm and hookworm.

Total price of our puppy plan reflects a 20% discount on the services provided. Unused portions of the puppy plan cannot be transferred to another pet nor credited/returned.


Microchips: Should you wish to add a Microchip we carry AKC Indigo preregistered microchips that are ISO compliant (are consistent with national and international standards) which can be added for 20% off.

Lyme Vaccination: This common tick borne disease can be prevented with a series of 2 lyme vaccinations given 4 weeks apart. This series can be added at 20% off our usual price.  Talk to us if you have lots of ticks in your environment so we can protect your puppy from this common tick borne disease.

Bordetella: This is a single vaccination given to prevent kennel cough and can be added at 20% off our customary price.